"Honestly, I'm exhausted, I don't know where to focus my energy, and I'm wondering if I'm good enough to be a PT - is there something wrong with me?!?!"

It's Time To Be A Thriving Badass

"No There Is Nothing Wrong With You"

I replied.

Sara, an awesome female personal trainer, desperately asked me this in frustration. We were on coaching call chatting about her business.   She felt stuck, tired and overwhelmed. 

Sara is not a complainer, in fact she is a hard worker and LOVES what she does. She is passionate, persistent and switched on but has reached a point where her business has stalled. 

She has a consistent client base (all of whom love her and her style of training), and is well respected but is struggling to bring in fresh leads.

Like many Personal Trainers she spends her non contact time writing programs, following up with current clients, juggling marketing/sales and 'to-do' lists and managing her household.

Sara felt as if she was in the movie Groundhog Day - spinning her wheels, doing the 'right things' but getting nowhere.

Understandably she was feeling extremely unmotivated and full of doubt.


Her story is a familiar one. One that I have personally experienced in my fitness career and one that is shared by many others. 




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How To Make More Money, Get High Value Clients and Make An Impact WITHOUT a Gazillion Facebook Or Instagram Followers or A Huge Budget

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You don't have to do MORE or put in more effort to grow your business - you just need to get CLEAR and SMART.

Hey I'm Nardia Norman

I help Female Personal Trainers to back themselves and transform their business so they experience more MONEY, FREEDOM & IMPACT.

In this free training I am going to share with you my best business and mindset training for becoming an Influential PT and all round badass business owner.

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    - The 3 KEY BUSINESS WHEELS that drive your business forward
    - Stop selling 'sessions for money'
    - Create 'waiting 'lists of clients who are dying to work with you
    - Position yourself as the expert, authority or 'go-to' person in your niche
    - Tell the world what you really do (and no you're not a 'Fat Loss' expert - that's Vanilla!!)
    -Find confidence in your message and offering
    -Stand out, stand up, be SEEN
  • And soooo much more. 

Conversations ...

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