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Women have different fitness needs throughout their life. Learn how to optimise her performance, health and results at each of these life stages by maximising your training strategies

Let's get honest ...

Women are not small men with breasts, although people often think that.

One look at a woman's body and you will see that there IS a difference between a male and a female one. Unsurprisingly this difference in anatomy and physiology DOES effect the way a female body operates and functions.

Yet, despite these differences us Fitness Professionals have been taught to train women in the same manner that we train men. The only exception to that rule is when a woman is pregnant or in the post-pregnancy phase of her life.

We make considerations for her during those important life events but very rarely do we make considerations for her differences throughout life!


Women need to train like women. Not like men. Period. 



Training women differently is NOT about equality or capability. It is about understanding how to best work with her body to bring out her best.


Women Better

Discover the impact and influence sex hormones have on her growth, development, health and results.  Learn how to prescribe more personalised, effective, results based programs.


Get known as THE Go-To personal trainer for all things related to women's health, fitness and performance.  

An Impact

Be part of an exclusive number of PT's who are changing the direction of the fitness industry.

Join the wave of elevated Fitness Professionals who are raising the bar in Women's Health & Fitness.

"Females are amazingly complex and have so many factors that come into play when it comes to their health and wellness. So as a PT, it is absolutely vital to have a greater understanding of more than just exercise programming when it comes to training the female client...this information was a game changer for me"

Rebecca Brown
Personal Trainer

Ready To Do Something Powerfully Different?

By taking this course you will walk away with clear and practical knowledge on how to safely and effectively work with any woman of any age.

I'll teach you how to take your current knowledge and passion for women's health to the next level.  Over 2 comprehensive, in-person, days, I will teach you how to understand a woman's hormones and how it impacts her health, quality of life and ability to get results.

I'll show you how to effectively evaluate a woman's lifestyle (using the Body IQ Assessment) and understand how her lifestyle choices impact her.  

We start with understanding the role sex hormones play in a woman's life, how these change over the course of her lifetime and what KEY things ALL trainers need to know about women's bodies. 

Learn how to avoid crucial programming mistakes that actually prevent women from achieving their goals and may potentially injure them. 

"I wish I had heard this content 10 years earlier when I was still Personal Training"

Kate Allot - National Fitness Manager Anytime Fitness Australia

What We Will Cover

The course is delivered over 2 days as an in person workshop.
In addition to the in person workshop you will have access to a modern online learning platform that contains video's and additional support.
You can use the platform to keep reinforcing your
knowledge from anywhere in the world on your mobile, ipad or desktop!


In this section we lay the foundations and take a look at lifestyle assessment, movement screens, Body IQ traffic light system, Health Based Results Model and understanding the modern demands on women and the influence these have on her health and ability (or inability) to get results.

In this section we explore  how female sex hormones affect women, from her mental health, anatomy and risk factors to metabolism differences.  We look at her Menstrual Cycle and how she changes across the ages (Adulthood into Older Adulthood)

We briefly dive into understanding how behaviour change works, what drives motivation, how to increase habit adherence and how to develop your questioning skills as a Personal Trainer.  This is often an overlooked topic yet underpins your clients success.

Here we look at how to implement the Traffic Lighting and the BODY IQ lifestyle assessment into your business.  We explore how to integrate specific female based questions into your current PAR-Q, how to perform mobility tests conduct basic movement screens, conduct mobilisation and activation exercises and pull all of your information together.  My step by step system will teach you how to cover all the important parts of assessment so as to help you write more effective programs. 

Building on the knowledge learnt in topic 4 we focus on specific strength periodisation methods.  We look at what style of periodisation is most effective for getting results.  In this section we hone in on understand how to cycle training with her menstrual cycle and falls prevention training for women over 50.

In this section we will explore some common conditions that the PT is likely to encounter, such as PCOS and Functional Hypothalamic Amenorrhea.  We will look at contributing factors, risks and how to best work with allied health professionals. We will touch briefly on identifying risky exercise behaviours in female clients (and what to do about it), disordered eating and healthy ageing. 

How I Will Teach You

Everyone has a unique way of learning.  Over the 2 days I will use a variety of different learning techniques to cater to all learning types .  There will be a mix of theory, practical, case studies and discussion.  Since we learn at different speeds I have also included online materials for additional support. You can keep going back to the online platform anytime you need after the course.  

The learning platform is super easy to navigate, and you can switch between your devices.


Through This Course You Will Learn To:

Identify a woman's health and fitness needs through the different ages and phases of life.  From early twenties through to 90's

Modify exercise programs and recommend sound lifestyle strategies to meet specific health needs and goals

Implement skilled behaviour change techniques that empower and help clients to adhere to their exercise and lifestyle programs.

Periodise your strength and cardiovascular training with a woman's menstrual cycle (Female Phase Training) to maximise her gains

Integrate the Body IQ Lifestyle Assessment, with your current movement assessment and screening forms to truly offer a personalised approach

Help your client achieve whatever health and fitness goal they have  in a healthy, and most importantly sustainable way

"If you are working with or are wanting to work with female clients, then this is definitely a course that you should be doing to provide your clients with the best support, guidance & service that they deserve"

Jody Secker
Fitness Specialist For Mums (WA)

"The content of the course is too awesome! Comprehensive and digestible. Broad coverage. Well done Nardia Norman! So blessed to be part of this. I'm already applying some of the assessment / programming info to my existing clients. LOVE this group!"

Yan Huang
Personal Trainer (Singapore)

"If you want to learn how to help women in a more holistic way and add a huge amount of value to your sessions this is worthwhile for you!"

Louise Thompson
Mind, Body, Mojo PT/Coach (Sydney)

"Highly recommended; whether you are an experienced or a new graduate PT, the knowledge you gain will change your view in training women. It gives you more confidence when discussing health and fitness topics and provides recommendations and guidelines for this specific population."

Maisa Kokash
Pilates Instructor/PT

Hey I'm Nardia ...

Creator of The Female Health and Performance Course (FHPC), Australian Personal Trainer of the year 2014, Australian Presenter of the year 2019, and champion of women.

For 20 years Nardia I've been personal training and educating thousands of Fitness Professionals globally. Join me in my mission to improve the way Fit Pro's help women. 


What You Get When You join

When you sign up you get:

  • A comprehensive 2 day workshop
  • A 170 page manual to accompany your learning
  • 2 year access to the online portal that contains over 20 hours of video (including any updates or revisions)
  • Access to our private Facebook group where you can get ongoing support and ask questions about clients
  • Pre-course webinar to familiarise yourself with some of the terminology so you feel confident coming into the face to face course



Late 2019

Location:  TBC

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, this course does not cover pre and post natal training.  There are plenty of great pre and post natal courses out there and they will be a great compliment to this course.  Reversely this course is a great compliment to any pre and post natal training. 

We typically start at 10 am on the first day (to allow for people from interstate to fly in).  We finish at 6pm.

Day 2 we start at 8 am and finish at 4 pm.  (I will advise you on the day if there is any change to this timing).

No, you will receive your manual and other material at the course.  The online support contains downloadable content if you need it. 

Yes - upon successful completion of this course (there is an assessment) you will be awarded 14 CECs from Fitness Australia. 

Upon receiving payment confirmation you will receive an email that will contain your login details for the online platform.  You will have access to Pre-Course work that you can access immediately.  Whilst this is not compulsory I highly recommend you familiarise yourself with the content so you feel confident coming into the course.

No.  The online content is simply additional material to support your in person workshop. At the end of the face to face workshop there will be an assessment and it is this that determines your certification. 

Absolutely not.  The private FB group is another add on form of support.  Once certified you will probably have more questions and want feedback - the FB group is where I can provide additional coaching for you. 

Please reach out to me to discuss your requirements.  I will try to tailor the learning experience for you.  

Contact me directly to discuss your individual circumstances


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